Your Questions About Google Maps

March 11, 2014 by Alice Nance  
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Paul asks…

Question about google maps?

I typed in my destination and it came up with 21.7 km, yet it says it will take 44 mins.

Does this seem a little inaccurate though? that means ill be driving essentially 30km/h the whole trip? is Google maps generally accurate with these times?

Alice Nance answers:

Yeah, Google Maps does tend to be fairly accurate. It *does* take into account things like the speed of travel (highways vs. Side streets), and possibly congestion as well.

I just did a little test. A 2.6km route through downtown Toronto clocked in at 6 minutes. A 5.6km route out in the little town of East Gwillimbury clocked in at 8 minutes. More than double the distance for a 30% increase in time, because it’s in a rural area rather than the city.

Mary asks…

Online Map of World just like Google map?

Hello Friends., I’m searching a Software or site for Online Map that contain real data Just like Google map. But in Google Map only 2007 imagery photoshown. Not 2010 or 11. So pls suggest me any site that Have Current Photos.

Thank you.

Alice Nance answers:

Google map has recent maps of almost everywhere, 2010. But you have to pay for that!!! News teams use is and it’s up to date, but it’s not free (thats how they make some money off of it!) Contact Google to have access to the maps module (Google Map API), you’ll create an account and will have all sorts of options such as including it in your own website, using the maps for other stuff, etc… There are also other companies that offer services like that, but none are free!!

Also, current photos are always a couple of months old!

Sharon asks…

Google Maps distances ..?

Hey there,
i need some help trying to find out how far places are from each other on google maps.
I know there is a way of finding out how far the distance is but im not sure how to find it?
Does anyone know how?

Many thanks.

Alice Nance answers:

Google maps shows you the distance between two points when you use Get directions, like James K said, however this is only for your country (ie UK)

if you use Google earth, which is the software version of google maps, you can set a virtual ruler and measure the distance between two points on the planet

Joseph asks…

is there anything better then google maps?

i dont like google earth is there anything like google maps because google maps doesnt have street view and house view of some places that i want to look at do you guys know any better sites?? not msn or yahoo i checked

Alice Nance answers:

Google maps does have street view:

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