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March 2, 2014 by Alice Nance  
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Nancy asks…

How can I prevent content in a specific WordPress page from being copied?

I’m planning on posting something on a page in my self-run WordPress blog that I don’t want people copying. What is the best way to do this? The content is currently in a Google Docs document, but I’d like it to be in the actual body of the page. Thanks.

Alice Nance answers:

You can’t. If it’s on a web page then people can copy it.

There are those stop right click codes and they will stop complete noobs but to anyone else there are at least half a dozen methods of getting text and images off of web pages even if those codes are used.

The best thing you can do is put a notice on the page asking people to not copy your content.

This came from the first site I looked for that had a “no right click code” –

Use this code in the head section of your page
try right clicking now to see the effect
for the cut & paste code click here

And here’s part of the source code from the second of these sites I came across -

//Disable right click script
var message="";
function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}

Sandra asks…

What is a great cloud storage for 17GB including some large files?

Looking for a free or low cost cloud storage that will hold up to about 20 GB of files, including some homemade video files that are about 200 MB each.
Seems like SkyDrive and Google Docs have some problematic limitations about file sizes.

Alice Nance answers:

You can use Dropbox for free. You start at only 2GB, but through referrals you can bring the final total up to 20GB. You get either 250mb per referral or if you have an edu account you can get 500mb per referral. By using this link to get to dropbox you’ll give me and you 500mb bonus: I just wish that Dropbox had some better pricing options. It’s 2GB for free or $100/year for 100GB, which is way more than I’d need.

Dropbox also has, in the past, had a number of promotions where you can earn a lot of free space. Alternatively, I’ve seen a few places on the net where people will give you enough referrals to hit the 20GB mark, for a price. I don’t know how legit they are, but this one promises to get you there for just $5:

The other big one I use is Amazon Cloud drive. For free you get 5GB (enough for me), but for just $10 a year you can upgrade to 20GB. For basic storage I think it’s just fine, and easy enough to share stuff between my devices. However, I don’t use it like I do Dropbox to share files with my friends.

I also use Google Drive and I’ve found it preferable in certain situations, particularly with documents and scanned images. I actually have my scanner (an Epson X-400) set up to scan straight to my Google Drive. And for documents I actually prefer using Google Docs when I’m drafting things, since I can just leave work, come home and it’s right there on my home desktop the way I left it. Obviously the formatting and making a final copy of a report I do in a “real” word processor. And also, like you said, it doesn’t do anything larger than what you could attach to an email, really.

I hadn’t thought about it, but between those three I have about 18GB of space, right there, and I haven’t paid a penny! (my Dropbox is just over 8GB, Cloud drive is 5GB, and Drive has another 5. Thanks for asking your question, though. I’m interested in hearing more answers!

Donna asks…

Is there a way to work with multiple people on the same PowerPoint?

I’m not looking for Google Docs or a watered-down alternative of PowerPoint. I want to be able to work in PowerPoint with multiple people simultaneously.
We’ll be working on separate computers on the same PowerPoint.
Dropbox is my best guess right now, but that still doesn’t allow for simultaneous editing since Dropbox doesn’t merge files when they conflict.

Alice Nance answers:

Yes, if all people have a copy Powerpoint load on their computers and you have network and server where the file is located. Then they can work on their section. Saving back to the server. But they will need to work on their part at different times. Server allows only one person at time to open the files.

Maria asks…

Can Google docs. form auto make a new spreadsheet for each day?

I am making a form on Google docs. for our daily inventory of what goes out and it i need a new spreadsheet for each day. Is there anyways to set up the setting so that the form will start a new spreadsheet for the next day?

Alice Nance answers:

Currently time based events are not possible with google docs.

As a solution to your problem, you may create a template sheet, and make a copy of it daily to make new sheet. Wont take more than a minute to do this.


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